Postal services

For the convenience of visa applicants Russian visa center offers a possibility to submit documents by post.

Step 1

Please prepare the required documents according to the type of your visa:

Step 2

Please send your visa application with all the required supporting documents to the Russian visa center by post:

POSTAL ADDRESS in Stockholm: POSTAL ADDRESS in Gothenburg:
Russian visa application center
Interlink Service
Klara Östra kyrkogata 2A,
111 52 Stockholm, Sweden
 Russian visa application center
Interlink Service
Friggagatan 12B,
411 12 Göteborg, Sweden
Please note! packages arriving by post can be picked up by visa officers ONLY after receiving a notification (avisering) from the local post office. 
In case if an incomplete set of documents is sent or the documents contain errors or inaccuracies the visa application center reserves the right to return the documents.

Step 3

For your convenience you may order a service of return delivery of your passport to your home or work address.

Fees for return delivery service:

  • By registered mail: 200 SEK (for 1 passport);
  • By courier service: 350 SEK (for 1 passport);

Step 4

Payment for this service, as well as all necessary fees is made after receiving a ready passport from the Consulate: 

  • or directly at the Visa application centre
  • either upon receipt of documents by post or courier  

Price: 450 SEK.

Pay attention! The price does not include consular and service fees, and the service of return delivery by registered mail or courier.

All fees are paid at the Visa application center by card.