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We help both citizens and the government to obtain official visas to the necessary destinations and travel in comfort

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Interlink Service prides itself on being one of the longest standing international operators in national contact centres which provide over 14 years of experience in visa and other civil services. Our clients in both - government agencies and private individuals – are provided with solutions on the highest level of service in visa processing and civil services.

We strive to ensure that our customer experience is seamless and consider that personal data should be kept private and secure. We have established a world-class data centre with state-of-the-art methods for securing user accounts and information.

Our international contact centres are available through easy to access regional positioning to cover both an international and also whole-of-market service, which is available digitally and in person to everyone. We pride ourselves in promoting cultures, languages, visa and tourism opportunities which are made accessible through a process which has been repeatedly reviewed and streamlined to bring you both speed and simplicity.

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Visa Centres Located in Convenient City Centres

Our visa centres are located in convenient urban centres and places with accessible transport connections. We also open visa centres in remote parts of the countries and cities to ensure that travel distancing is kept to a minimum.

We found that this approach unveils, more opportunities, for a wider audience of people, enabling more people; to easily obtain visas to experience more freedom when exploring the world.

Our centres, for example, are open in Kirkenes (Norway), Gothenburg (Sweden) and Canberra (Australia). Check for online opportunities to effortlessly submit application related information from your fingertips, from a team dedicated to supporting you.

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Worldwide Presence

Our worldwide presence spans from Japan to Mexico, from Kirkenes to Sydney and our customer focus is exceptionally important to us. Our clients are the true backbone of our business and we aim to ensure they are completely immersed in the hospitable atmosphere - from any given partner country - from the moment they enter the centre.

Worldwide Presence
Customer Focus

Customer Focus

It is important to us that our client’s visitation freedom is catered with an exceptional level of quality. We take personal pride in ensuring a genuine and honest interest in your wellbeing and that you are above board in all areas of document freedom.

Professional Services

Upon entering the host country you can be rest assured, safe in the knowledge, that at your disposal is the widest range of services which are possibly available to you. All of which are prequalified to the utmost standard through a single window service.

Professional Services
Modern Technologies

Modern Technologies

Interlink Service has invested in technological R&D in a bid to rise above the competition during our currently evolving modern ages, and have developed some of the best software solutions for visa and consular services across the industry.

Honesty & Integrity

Integrity is everything in business. This is also relative to our prices which are always transparent, we don’t impose additional cost for services in any shape or form throughout our portfolio of services. Time, is also a key factor which fuels our driving ambition to make sure that all boxes are ticked on time, every time.

Honesty & Integrity
Immaculate Reputation

Immaculate Reputation

Word of mouth travels quickly within our sector, a considerable demand for services comes from client appreciation who recommend our work. This filters through communities and consulates to an extend that we carry our reputation as a feather in our cap. Through all our years of business, we have maintained a 0% defamation status.

Our Visa Centres Offer The Applicants Easy Ways To Submit Their Documents:

In Person

Through a Representative

Travel Agency

By Post

(where this is permitted by the diplomatic mission)

Consultations on visa processing and preparation of documents are provided to applicants free of charge.

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