Welcome to Interlink Service!
We are one of the oldest international visa center operators.

Since 2006, we have been providing our partner countries and individual clients with the highest level of service in the field of visa outsourcing. We have also developed automated vending solutions for visa centers as well as public and social service centers.

Since 2018, under new ownership and management, we have focused on the development of fundamentally different visa centers. Our visa centers have evolved from pick-up points for documents to become multifunctional centers with sections dedicated to culture, tourism and investment projects. Our aim is to provide the client with the widest set of services offered by the partner country, as per the single window system. Beyond simply applying for а visa our clients can resolve questions of citizenship, renew passports, verify contracts, statements or translations and request various documents, certificates and more general information.

Convenient locations, modern facilities and unique designs have made our centers both welcoming and functional. We select our teams based on proficiency in the language and a deep understanding of the partner country, but above all our teams are comprised of people passionate about the country’s traditions and culture. Nobody knows a country better than its citizens; therefore, citizens of the partner country are always at the heart of each team.

Our company has developed one of the industry’s best software solutions for visa centers. The use of innovative technology allows us to ensure fast, secure and high-quality processing of data. It also significantly reduces the use of resources, particularly paper, which is part of our commitment to a more environmentally sustainable business.

For 12 years our clients have trusted us with their documents and more importantly, their personal data. Such trust is rooted in our reputation, built on years of professionalism and our continuing drive to improve our clients experience.

Trust us with your visa and we will take care of the rest.

Sincerely yours,
Interlink Service