Celebration of Russia Day in Australia.

15 june 2020

Russian Independence Day, or “Russia Day” as its formally called, is an important holiday to the Russian people in Russia and abroad.

On Russia Day, the country traditionally holds holiday concerts and sporting events. Russia Day is an occasion for many Russian to demonstrate national pride, to celebrate Russian economics and social achievements as well as pay tribute to the famous Russians. Abroad, many Russian speaking communities also celebrate the Russia Day.

Official Russian Visa Centre in Australia have also celebrated the Russia day. The tradition of Russian anthem “Gosudarstvenny Gimm Rossiyskoy Federatsii” was sang by invited guests to celebrate the occasion.

Duo to Covid-19 social gathering restrictions, only limited number of guests were invited. Among the Russian – Australian community were representatives of Russian - Australian newspapers, Russian Orthodox Churches in Australia, General Consul of Russian Federation I.A.Arzhaev, Russian Tour operators and the staff of Interlink Service Australia. First Russian Visa Centre in Australia was opened on 20th March 2019 and soon after in Canberra on 8thApril 2020.

The Russian Visa Center welcomed Australian tourists and provided greatest level of service to just about 24,000 visa applicants. The visa centres in Australia are pleasantly designed to provide warm and welcoming atmosphere. Interlink Service World has invested in technological resources and have developed one of the best software solutions in the industry for visa and consular services.

The Visa Center regional operation manager, Liliya Koganov, along with the dedicated professional staff members, receives many sincere appreciations from the travel industry and their clients.

“We are very proud and honoured to represent Russian Federation in Australia. Our Clients are the backbone of our business and we pride ourselves in excellent and applause service. We are here not for long time; we are here for good”.

by Liliya Koganov

Regional Operation Australia