Georgia prepares to welcome tourists from July 1

19 may 2020

Welcome to Georgia!

Georgia is striving to reopen its borders to tourism.

The country is one of the most successful in fighting the Covid-19 with the lowest cases worldwide.

Georgian Government has developed the plan of three stages in reopening the tourism sector as well as creating special tourism zones “SAFE” from COVID-19.

The Welcoming Country of Georgia:

Tucked away between Europe and Asia, Georgia is a country of wild nature, rich history and centuries of old traditions.

It is still unknown to many and a place where you can find a lot of old and plenty of the new – remote villages are still untouched, while cities are bursting with life.

Georgia is known for being a hospitable country. A guest for Georgians is “a gift from God”, so they pay particular interest, no matter if you are a local or a foreigner. Georgian people are among the nicest and most hospitable you would ever meet.

When traveling to any country, it is always helpful to know a few words. Georgian language is not one of the easiest but the following few words will get you a friendly smile and helpful assistance from the locals.

Hello” is Gamarjoba. “Thank you” is Madloba.

Georgia is still a traditional country when it comes to dressing etiquettes. Mini skirts are not welcomed. Woman should wear outfits that cover knees and shoulders. Men should also ensure that shoulders are covered and wear trousers rather then shorts.

The best time to visit Georgia:

Georgia is an all-year-round destination.

Late spring and early autumn are ideal for those who love exploring cities and lowlands. Summers gets uncomfortably hot in the major cities, making it perfect to visit the remote mountains areas. Winter sees heavy snow attracting free-riders and skiers in its alpine and high-altitude slopes.

What to eat in Georgia?

Georgia don’t have 5-star or even 4-star restaurants, but there is plenty of places to have luxurious Georgian style dinners with spectacular panoramic views of Tbilisi, the capital city, or Batumi, the Black Sea Resort.

Georgian food is influenced by flavors of Europe and Asia. The local kitchen is abundant in varieties of meat, dough, walnuts and many spices.

Khinkali – boiled meat dumplings are delicious national dish of Georgia.

Khachapuri – pizza like, cheese pie that melts in your mouth with unforgettable taste. Each region has its own version.

Churchella – traditional sweets made from walnuts and grape juice jelly will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Wine regions of Georgia- is the oldest wine regions in the world.

The wine was produced in the area already in the 6th Century. The varieties of red, white and rose will surprise you in every aspect of wine testing. What’s more, you can get the homemade wines just about everywhere. You can buy it at the restaurants or at the markets where they are sold in Coca-Cola bottles which is actually the main charm of the local markets.

Vibrant cities of Georgia and places to visit.

You will love the buzz of Georgian cities. Tbisili, Batumi and Kutaisi are very busy, vibrant and definitely worth a visit.

Tbilisi, the beautiful yet crumbling capital with numerous attraction that will keep you occupied for at least 2 days. Old Tbilisi is the main attraction, which will make you feel like a wonderful town in a fairytale.

Batumi, the Black Sea resort is more then just the beach with funky architecture. The city has a charming old town, rich with varieties of plants and beautiful botanical garden. The street art will inspire you to purchase some lovely items. And don’t forget to look around and above to see the surrounding of lush mountains.

Kutaisi, often overlooked by tourist. You will find that the city is full of wonderful spots with traditional dining areas. Souvenir shops offer lovely handmade items and is definitely must to visit.

Religion and places of worship:

Georgia is the second country in the world (after Armenia) that took the Christianity as a state of religion in the 4th Century. All over the country you will find most beautiful and one of a kind churches. Some of them as old as 6th Century. Georgian monasteries have a distinctive shape. You will not miss one and will recognise them with their raw architecture. Inside you will find beautiful old paintings and if you lucky, you will even witness a magical light pouring in throughout the small windows.

Money in Georgia:

The local currency is called – Lari. You will find that prices are more than very reasonable, especially at the local markets. Most probably you will not be able to spend all of your Lari and will be looking for something special that will keep your memories of Georgia forever

What to see in Georgia?

  1. Tbilisi – vibrant and amazing capital city offering a mixture of old and new, natural hot springs and diverse café landscapes.
  2. Kazbegi with Gergeti Trinity Church, on the way must stop in Ananuri and Mtskheta.
  3. One or all of the Cave towns David Gareja, Uplistsikhe, Vardzia.
  4. The spa town of Borjomi will keep you wondering why you ever wanted to travel anywhere else.
  5. Kakheti wine region – take a big breath and enjoy every drop of delicious wine of Georgia.
  6. Svaneti, is a must for the most amazing mountains view. Make sure your photos taken at every possible angle.
  7. Kutaisi, day trip to the Gelati Monastery or Okatse Canyon will be another wonderfully spend time.

Enjoy your trip to Georgia!!!